The Streetwalker and spouse

The Streetwalker and spouse
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Club Heaman

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Apron Fetish

Memories to Memoirs – a humorous piece : My Apron fetish
By Hilda Young
My favorite piece of clothing is aprons. I like to have all my good clothes covered. My fetish started when I was young. It was part of the Home Economics curriculum or in England the Domestic Science curriculum that everyone made an apron. My earliest attempt was the obligatory white cotton apron that was a bib style. To personalize this item of clothing we all had to embroider our names on the bib. I learnt slowly to make the straps and the main part of the apron. It was one of the few pieces of clothing I packed when we immigrated to Canada. In Grade 7 I also had to make an apron- it was of the plaid cotton popular in the 60’s.There was also embroidery involved- along the bottom- cross stitch. The apron straps were threaded through the waistband area. My sewing skill was limited but I did keep those aprons for a while. My mother’s training was in a cooking college in Norway so she was big on aprons. Before we prepared any meal and before sitting down for a meal we had to have a clean apron on. It is a humorous topic of conversation between my daughter and my husband/ Jocelyn says” Mom, are you ready for supper? You don’t have your apron on?”  Me.” Where is it?” I need a clean one as the old one is in the wash?
After supper or the dishes the used apron is hung over the dining room chair. However I usually forget where I put it and look for another one!
ON the weekend I attended the OSPCA Fundraiser- There was a good variety of silent auction items but I only bid one three. I was ecstatic as I had a successful bid on the Apron and $25 gift certificate from Wilno Craft Gallery. My new addition to the collection is an adjustable Christmas apron with pockets! I am in heaven. It will be a great addition to my collection.   I needed to replace the Christmas apron for two years ago, as the straps were broken. Most of the apron in my collection had a story to them. My oldest apron I purchased second hand at a church rummage sale. It is an important item of clothing as it has  “50” all over – it is a ten year old well-worn apron. My second favourites are a black one with an African style transfer on it. I purchased that to support the Stephen Lewis foundation. Both these aprons are bib style. My other aprons were inherited from my mother. They are all short –the style that covers the ever expanding middle aged girth. Of course they attract dirt.-mostly flour and coffee spills.….Of course the old favourites become dust cloths.  One is in several pieces now as the straps are off. It gets washed frequently so I don’t loose it! The larger part of the apron gets used as a cleaning cloth. In former days it was my husbands bbq  apron. However he knew where is was really needed- to cover my chest area so that the bbq sauce would not get on clean clothes.
Now I just dream of the ideal apron: it covers everything, is easy to put on and washes itself…

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Island Odyssey: Vacation Bible School at CFB Petawawa July 25 to 29

This year Island Odyssey: Vacation Bible school  July to 29 is free. It is from 9 am to 12 noon. 
Come out for a free week of amazing games, interactive lessons and fun music for ages 6 to 12. The theme this year is: Island Odyssey: To the ends of the earth with Jesus Christ.  Island Odyssey invites you to go "To the Ends of the Earth" making the connection between the biblical world and the 21st century, between biblical islands and the  islands in the Caribbean, South Africa, and the South Pacific.   Starting with Paul's evangelistic island encounters, Island Odyssey will teach the good news through Bible story, music, art, foods, crafts, movement, and folklore. Participants will: experience how hearing, seeing and believing are connected, Understand that knowing Jesus influences decision making, realise that a welcoming spirit brings glory to God and be encouraged to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all the world. 
Each biblical island is paired  with islands in our contemporary worldview: Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Robben Island, South Africa, and the Fiji islands. Bible stories are linked with these distinctive  cultures, peoples, and history of these islands.  The outreach emphasis is Haiti, which continues to rebuild in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. Participants will learn what has been done and how they can continue to help. 
To register please call 613-687-5511 ex. 5434 with your name and email address. You will be sent the registration to fill out and bring with your child the first day of programming.

St. George's chapel is changing again with new chaplains comes a new focus

This summer we said farewell to three chaplain majors: Padre Gerard Vardy who was the Base chaplain, Padre George Scarf who was the senior Protestant chaplain who retired, and Padre Jim Hardwick who was the Brigade chaplain. Padre Vardy has been posted to Wainwright Alberta and Padre Hardwick has been posted to Kingston.
The new Base Chaplain is a Protestant: Padre LtCdr (N) Carol Bateman, who is well known on the base as she has been in various units in the last few years. Her husband Padre Murray Bateman is also a chaplain on the base. As an Anglican chaplain couple they have been active in chapel ministry. Both chaplains have had tours in Afghanistan.
The chaplain responsible for the chapel is Padre Brad Busch, Lutheran who is also part of a padre/clergy couple. His wife Lenora Grauer is also a chaplain on base.  Padre Busch's focus is pastoral.
During the summer the chapel  Sunday activities  are fairly low key as the military are on block leave or moving.
However there is a Vacation Bible school planned for Monday 25th July to Friday 29. It will be run by two chaplain students: one Protestant and one Catholic, as a joint initiative of the two chapels.
Padre Brad Busch is the supervisor, contact him at 613-687-5511 ex. 5433.
Regular Sunday services are still at 10:30 with lemonade as the refreshment afterwards.

What to do when there is no power: go to see Harry Potter

My husband is a Harry Potter fan. He has read all 7 books, which he borrowed from our daughter. I am still not a convert! However I have gone to see most of the movies with him.  Since we were without  power for abut 30 hours we decided to watch the latest Harry Potter  movie. It was well done. I enjoyed the opening scenes which were"black". It was the classic good versus evil theme with Harry surviving at the end only barely. great to see the "next generation"  coming. Is there going to be a sequel?

Part of the fun of going to the movies in a small town is who shows up in the concession line and the surrounding audience. We sat next to people who worked for Atomic Energy of Canada, sat in front of a young couple who attend our church and shared being in the dark stories with members of the military.
In Petawawa the standard beginning is a quick "lecture" from the theatre manager about where the exits are, the washrooms and the recycling containers. The special thanks to the audience for coming is the nightly handstand done by Larry who is retired and must be at least 50!

Now my neighbour has to find out who left their glasses at theatre.. only in a small town would someone facebook a member of an audience about something so specific!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wicked Wilhelmina reviews the Altos

Wicked Wilhelmina reviews The Altos
by Hilda Young a mourner

One of  my old friends from Manitoba is a member of the Deep River players. She frequently promotes their events by suggesting I buy tickets to see it with a group of friends. The last suggestion resulted in my husband and I attending the Saturday production of The Altos, "like the Sopranos only deeper". It was an enticing hook. On the actual day I wondered how to dress to a murder mystery dinner theatre in an church basement.We arrived just before curtain time and were escorted to our seats at the "Badda  Bango" club table.
 Little did we know that we were now part of the play as " strippers" coming to the wake for the lead character Tony Alto. 
The audience were all guests/ mourners at Tony Alto's wake.  He had died dramatically in a car bombing. The body found in the car could not be identified. The audience is quickly introduced to all the suspects who may have arranged the hit. As it is a mob funeral there is a table at the entrance with guns. The suspects include Tony's mother, Nona, who Tony had threatened to put in a nursing home, Father Flip the family priest, Toffee Alto, Tony's wife, Chris Alto, Tony's nephew and Senior Alto Tony's uncle who is under indictment with monitored movement.  After a few moments of drama “ Tony” comes back to life as a female mourner- all dressed  in black in head to toe. He reveals himself to Dr. Malaise his shrink.. The legitimate question is asked: Who is in the urn?. He answered one of the “girls” from the strip club. Now we become involved in the drama; Dr Malaise asked Tony to introduce her to our table. He quickly names  'double jointed Sue” etc but for those he does know he gives interesting names: “Bronco Bill”, is the new nickname for one of our table mates. I was  'Wicked Wilhelmina” for the evening.  Drama in the room continued as we were seated in front of the sound/ and lights control area; the curtain covering it fell down so the “hoods” had to fix it. We were served Tony's favorite meal: Italian Wedding soup,Caesar salad,Stuffed Manicotti, Gelato with biscotti between scenes. After the main course we were given cards that asked us to help solve the case. Our table guessed all the main characters. Two guessed the real culprit. However as we had a member of the Players sitting with us we did not  have any hints.- she just said two people had it correct.  The last act focused on killing people who were suspect. It was quit dramatic watching innocent people being killed with toy guns with caps-- noise level high. Finally the truth was revealed. It was not the priest who tried to “marry “ the dead- said he  was in experienced- a former member of a rival gang who was in love with Tonys wife.. It was not his mother who could not remember details. It was not his uncle or his nephew.,  The Doctor did it! She could not handle dealing with Tony. 
Over all it was a fun evening. I have a different view of the eidtor of the local paper now..
The Deep River players have lots of energy and a great sense of timing. Looking forward to their next event. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Exploring the men's washrooms at the Marguerite centre

by Hilda Young

The Marguerite centre in Pembroke Ontario is a former convent that has been undergone a transformation into a combination retreat centre and long term care holding ward. As the early residents of the building were women there are more female toilets than mens. However in order to obey various regulations and accommodate male guests, a few toilets have been converted, or at the very least have sign on them saying male.
At the OIW writers retreat last week there was a discussion about the general facilities at the centre. One of the men., a retired lawyer, was complaining about the water pressure in the mens shower. As I consider myself a veteran of Marguerite centre facilities ,as I had attended many functions and retreats there, mostly for females I challenged Mel on his complaint. His long time friend Norm says he always complains.. Who do I believe- a lawyer or a quiet unassuming man? Well I felt I had the reputation of the Marguerite centre to uphold! So I challenged Mel to take me to the mens washroom on the third floor, where the sleeping accommodation was arranged according to the sexes, and show me his problem! We took the stairs two at a time to get to the problem area as quickly as possible! Mel made a great production of knocking on the outside door and asking if there was anyone using the facilities..( All the other men in the group were downstairs at the time)
We boldly marched in to check out the facilities. I noted that they were more spartan than the women's as we had three bath tubs with hand held showers in each area. Our bath tub rooms were self contained with doors we could lock! I felt sorry for the poor men who had only one shower with a curtain.. And Mel was right the water pressure was low! So I almost felt sorry for my lawyer friend! I promised to tell Norm that Mel does not always exaggerate!
When we returned to the group I said we had gone to the mens washroom. Mel said it was innocent. The rest of the knowledgeable retreatants said they knew! No secrets- our characters had already been judged by the group! We could not fool anyone!